The Stacked Hulls… Er… Bust!

22 06 2008

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008 ~

Steve and I headed to Kingston to meet up with some friends and go for a dive! We milled about the shop for a little bit, played with James Y’s doggy, Sprout, then headed out to Portsmouth Olympic Harbour, to follow a new line out to the Stacked Hulls.


Only one of our group had done this wreck before, so we were anxious to see something “new!” We geared up, got in, did our equipment match… and… uh ohhhh… the set of doubles that Steve R (yet another Steve!!!) was wearing (borrowed) had a cracked BC inflator. Luckily he had his single set up in the car, and went back to switch it out. Jen had the keys inside her drysuit, so she had to get out too.

While they did that, Steve, Sean F., and I dropped down and checked out some old wreckage and an anchor.

We ran into quite an aggressive bass, obviously protecting eggs!!

We came back in, and Jen and Steve R were ready to go! We did another rundown, and off we went to the line!

We swam… and we swam… and we swam…

There is an anchor along this line, that is believed to be an old U Boat anchor. It even has German symbols on it. This was pretty cool looking, although I didn’t get a great pic of it…

We swam for what seemed like an eternity, and got a bit excited when we saw a chair!

We decided to turn the dive after about a half hour of swimming out. We didn’t want to torture Steve R. too much!

Steve R.

Jen B.

Sean F.

I cut off Steve’s feet…


Jen and I found an old sock on the way back, that was “stinky nose plug” worthy, so we made the sign. I also thought it would be fun to flip onto my back while swimming.. which it was… even if I did cause a little silt to come up. When we came in, I also decided to do a little somersault in the water, which also proved a little more difficult with 130s on, than just swimming in a pool. I flipped myself over, and because we were in about 6′ of water, my fins broke the surface. Jen and I were absolutely howling, which didn’t aid in getting me the rest of the way around. I finally brought my feet in for the completed turn.

Yes, I am a silly pants…

We had a fun time, even though we saw alot of dirt and green gunge on our dive!

Bottom Time ~ 10 mins. + 74 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 47′
Water Temp. ~ 60
Vis. 40′

Me with the Coast Guard boat…

Steve with the Coast Guard boat…

Steve caught my rat’s nest after the dive…

The gang!

Steve, myself, James Y., Jen B., Steve R., Sean F., Tom R., Jenn E., Francois, and Mike Y. convened at East Side Marios for some grub before I made the drive back to Ottawa. Steve stayed down to do the Jodrey with Francois, who was also in Ktown for the weekend!

An excellent day with friends!!



2 responses

5 07 2008

wow Chan, you’ve got Perfect trim 🙂

28 11 2013

Aww. Wasn’t Sprout a cutie…thanks for sharing

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