Canada Day 2008!

1 07 2008

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008 ~

Well, we just couldn’t get enough of the dive on Sunday, so we packed the van, and headed back down to Brockville!

The entry point was a bit crowded though…

Steve, carrying down the stages…

Leigh carrying some too…

We had the same plan, to go to the point, surface, take a bearing, then go across to a little island, and see what we could find. We surfaced, took our bearing, and seemed to completely overshoot the island. We came to the conclusion that the metal wall at the point may have thrown off our compasses, as the three of us had different readings. Ah well… we don’t really need an excuse to go back and try again! There were a few other divers at Centeen Park, and one charter on the Gaskin, but we pretty much had the park to ourselves.

We dropped down, did our checks and dive plan, and headed out. We went across the channel, into the periwinkles again, and found some really cool bottles, urns, and various wreckage. There was so much to see!! We drifted a bit, looking at all of the cool stuff, as well as scootered a bit. We even saw an old wagon wheel. It was really nice having the scooters through the current, when it got stronger.

We eventually drifted back onto the Gaskin, where we swam and scootered around a bit. We decided to go through the wreck, and upon entering, were greeted by a couple of other divers. “Hello!” We then headed back near the entry point, and hung about the shallows for a bit.

Max. Depth ~ 109′
Water Temp. ~ 67
Vis. 10′ – 40′

What an awesome way to celebrate our country’s birthday!

The boys, chillin’ after the dive…

Alot of people had flags flying too!



2 responses

5 07 2008

do you call them Canadian Geese too? hehe I hate when they attack or poop everywhere!! Chan, you’re LOOKIN’ GOOD!!!!!

5 07 2008

Bless you, Pue. :o)

Yep… Canada Geese aplenty… as are the bombs they leave on the ground. ;o)

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