Driftin’ And Drivin’

29 06 2008

Sunday, June 29th, 2008 ~

Steve and I got up bright ‘n’ early, and went over to pick up Woofybeotch. We loaded the van, then headed over to Sharky’s for a few fills.

Leigh singing to the Nitrox analyzer…

We had to hit the Timmy’s drive through, as our tummys needed morning nourishment…

We then headed down to Brockville, to do another scooter dive out of Centeen Park. There are always new things to see out there.

We did our dive plan, and pre dive checks, then headed out. We planned on travelling along the wall, at about 30′, until we got to the point, then cross over the channel, into the periwinkle shells.

*Pue.. I tried to get a pic of the periwinkles for you, but my camera didn’t seem to like them.  All I got was a black screen. *

There was a pretty consistent current, but was only really strong in one place. When we were at about 50′ deep, there was a freighter that passed by. Although it wasn’t close to us, it still felt like the earth was shaking.

We drifted for a while, saw some really cool looking bottles, an urn, and various pieces of wreckage. We drifted on over to the Gaskin again, where there were a couple of other divers enjoying the wreck. We dropped down inside (which is sadly, completely open water now), did a tour, then drifted back to the shallows, taking some weeds off of the line as we went along.

Here’s Steve, enjoying his Kool-Aid…

Steve upset ‘cos Leigh stole his Kool-Aid straw…Lol…


We relaxed a bit in the shallows, and met up with yet another egg-protecting bass..

Me ‘N’ My Buddy…

OO.. and am I allowed to break trim to hug Gavin??

Max. Depth ~ 108′
Water Temp. ~ 66 ~ It’s finally wet glove season!!
Vis. ~ Stinky near the Gaskin ~ 10′ – 40′

Twins… in their slick fitting suits… Woofybeotch and Steve…

Woofybeotch and I…

Once in a while we find things that depict our friend, Dan Mackay, and will take pics… Today, we found a tractor trailer… Although there is a letter missing, and one off in the first name.

This one is still my favourite, from January, 2007…

We headed back to Ottawa for dinner with friends!

Canada Day is tomorrow, so we’re going to celebrate with a dive!



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