When The East Comes A Bit West…

23 08 2008

Wednesday, August 20th – Saturday, August 23rd, 2008 ~

Although I had to work most of the time, we had a special guest star come to visit us last week. Our friend, Harvey, had been threatening to come and dive with us for the last two years, and finally made it up!

Steve picked him up from the airport, and headed straight down to the river. They did our infamous river/scooter/drift dive. On Thursday, the boyz headed down to Cornwall and did the Paper Factory. Francois also came down and stayed at our place.

I had the day off on Friday, as I had training and skills to do for my upcoming Tech 1 course. We had planned on heading to Kingston, but ended up heading up to Quebec, to the Back Mine, for two dives.

Back Mine

Entry Point

We took the scooters in for the first dive, and took Harvey down to the “Go No Further” sign, and headed back in. Brrrrr… the water was freakin’ chilly!

Bottom Time ~ 19 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 108′
Water Temp. ~ 43
Vis. ~ 25′

For the second dive, Steve and I did skills, while Harvey and Frankie went off to play. I hadn’t worn dry gloves in a while, and it was good to do the drills again with the thick gloves on. We did air shares, valve drills, and I ran a bit of line as well. We were getting pretty chilly, so we called it a day.

Bottom Time ~ 16 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 20′
Water Temp. ~ 42
Vis. ~ 25′

Frankie, Harvey, and me (my face seems to have pudged a little from the cold water! Lol…)

Saturday, Steve, Harvey, Kevin, Francois, Oren, Sean, and Jay headed out to do the Jodrey. I was shore support for their two dive extravaganza.



Jay and Harvey…


..and… of course…

When the boys were on their 20′ stop, I suited up and jumped in the water. It’s kinda funny that most people would have just brought their bathing suits to do this… that thought didn’t even occur to me… Lol…

The boys did their two dives, with a three hour interval in between, as well as some lunch at the floating restaurant.

A gorgeous day, and alot of fun with friends!



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