First Voyage To The Jodrey

29 09 2008

Sunday, September 21st, 2008 ~

Well… the day finally came… I had been a bubble watcher on many-a-trip to the mighty Roy A. Jodrey, and this time I was going too. A few friends came up from the US of A, and another few from our neck o’ the woods. The air was a bit nippy, and the sun was hiding, but we were happy to get out for a dive. The water was warmer than the air today! Water Temperature was 67, so it was still wet glove diving weather.

We let the big boyz jump in first, as they were going to have a longer run time than us, then 6 of us jumped in. There were three of us that were n00bs to the Jodrey, so we were going to go down together, drifting on to the wreck. We got down to 150′, and when I shone my light through the darkness, I could see this giant piece of wreck sticking out to greet me. We happened upon the crow’s nest, and the pilot house. What a truly awesome place to be. This giant hunk of ship, with metal absolutely everywhere. I can see why people say that it’s easy to get turned around on this wreck. It’s laying on an angle, against the wall, and is broken and twisted. A steel freighter, about 725′ long, and so much to see.

I was very wide eyed and in awe on this wreck, and the bottom time just seemed to fly by. I’m sure it will take me a few times on it, to really get a feel of where things are. We started the ascent, did our deco obligations, and upon surfacing, had to quote my new favourite line from Mer, with a cat that ate the canary grin on my face. ;o)

I am so looking forward to going back!!

Many thanks to Casey for lending Ralph that light… Holy smokes, it was the freakin’ sun!

Gear shot…Lol….



3 responses

29 09 2008
Scintillio Grande

Such a cool dive report… 🙂

29 09 2008

Thank you. :o)

5 10 2008

Sounds like you had a great time!!

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