Morrisburg ~

29 09 2008

Saturday, September 26th, 2008 ~


We packed up the van and headed down to Morrisburg. Francois was visiting us, and another friend joined us for diving goodness as well. We met at the Marina, then headed west to our preferred entry point. The current is always ripping here, so a scooter is a great tool, should you want to swim against it. We had just planned on doing some exploring, and head out towards the island to the South West. We had tried to reach this island before, but the current was just way too strong, even with the scooters. We took a bearing to the South, and hoped to come across it.


The boys before the dive…



Frankie, playing with his camera…



We dropped down and headed out.  We found various pieces of wreckage, an anchor, a rope that Kevin played flag pole with, and some pretty cool rock formations. The current did not disappoint… It was as strong as ever. Francois did get some footage, and during our drifting portion of the dive, the camera caught how fast we were flying with the current.


We were down for just under two hours, with a max. depth of 66′, water temperature was 67.



We headed out for some truck stop food, where I won a pretty funny looking stuffed animal…lol…




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