Jodrey ~ Take Two

29 10 2008

Sunday, October 5th, 2008 ~


Four of us headed out to the Jodrey again. The air was pretty brisk, and we had hopes of the sun peering out sometime in the day. We loaded our gear on Jeff’s boat, and headed out to customs, then to the site of the Roy A. Jodrey.


We geared up and splashed in. We swam past another boat and drifted a bit, then descended down to the wreck. There seemed to be slightly more ambient light this time around, but it was still pretty dark at the crow’s nest.

We checked out different parts of the wreck than our last dive on the Jodrey, and I was still in awe of this thing. It is just huge. There are so many places to see on this magnificent wreck, that I still need many more dives on her to really get a perspective on where everything is. I imagine it will also be many dives before I get any photos as well…. That, and the fact that I still do not have a lens for my camera… 😮


Sadly, our bottom time was up, and we made our way up the wall, doing our deco. We had a nice, relaxing deco, and James even had Fin Solo along for the ride. We finished deco and made our way back to the boat. This was a very valuable dive for me, as I learned a few things, and learned a bit about myself as a diver. Truly a good day. 😮

A “small” boat went by (taken by James, with my camera)…




James was a superstar, and had along a surprise for us…




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