Thanksgiving Weekend Skills

29 10 2008

We decided to head up to Morrison’s Quarry to work on some skills, on this fantastic holiday Monday! We decided to gett into gear for our nearing Cave 1 course, and planned on running some line, attaching cookies and line arrows, and work on skills.


We brought along all three scooters, to check out the new little fella as well. Steve and I each ran our reels, doing many wraps and placements, then securing the reel. We then each followed our lines, practicing putting the cookies and line arrows down, taking the pigtails out of our pockets, then retrieving them. It was kind of fun, as our lines would often cross each others’. Apparently, I didn’t have the reattaching skill right off the bat, as Steve would pick up a couple of my markers behind me…lol.. He showed me where I missed, and it seemed that my first method wasn’t very effective. Ah well… Once I figured it out, it wasn’t so bad.


A great day and alot of fun with skills!


Bottom Time ~ 60 mins.

Max. Depth ~ 28′

Water Temp. ~ 60

Vis. ~ 30′



One response

3 11 2008

Hi Chan!
It’s nice to see that You have a lot of fun with diving. Good luck at C1 course. I also think about GUE dive way but maybe next year. Now I’m during my IANTD Adv. ean course.
Have a great dives, and I’m looking forward for report .
Greetings from Poland

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