Morrisburg… Paint By Number…

14 12 2008

Sunday, December 14th, 2008 ~

Having been out of the water for a couple of weekends, we were getting a bit restless, and headed down to Morrisburg. It was time for a dip! When we arrived, we were the only vehicle in the lot.. I’m wondering if that says something…

We brought down the scooters, which can be helpful on this dive, if you aren’t doing a drift dive. The current is usually ripping, and even with a scooter on full pitch against it (yes, even if you zig zag), you don’t really make much ground.

Entry point…

Gearing up…

We got in, and away we went. The water is down a bit, and we were at about 7′, while making our way to the bank of what used to be the old river canal (a couple of villages were flooded in the 1950s). We dropped down, and went over to the Power House. We then scootered along the side of the wall, to try and minimize the current we were facing, although I thought it was down a bit from it’s usual torrent. We made our way down stream, on the south side of the lock channel for some exploring. We saw a couple of bottles, but didn’t find much else. We headed back along the old Highway 2. It’s pretty cool to be able to follow a road under water.

It was great to get into the water, but I have to say that I do miss the warm, gin clear waters of Mexico!!!

Bottom Time ~ 35 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 50′
Temp. ~ 37 (brrr…ice cream headache)
Vis. ~ approx. 50′, but not very clear ~ still better than usual for this site

Steve, post dive…


…and a pic of my new, very warm hat… a Princess Auto special…



3 responses

15 12 2008

Very cool! …or should I say… COLD!!!!

15 12 2008

A Princess Auto hat? Now there is a very fine hat! roflmao. I’d like a close up please.

I’d also like to dive!

15 12 2008

Lol.. Pue, I’ll take a special pic, just for you. 😛

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