Camera Time!

29 12 2008

Saturday, December 27th, 2008 ~

Thanks to Santa, I finally got a lens for my camera. It was time to take it out for a test run!

A bunch of us met up at the quarry, which is entirely frozen over now, for some diving and camera fun! I am very new to this whole DSLR thing, and this was my first attempt.

Surface shots with a fisheye are fun too…

We geared up and in we went. The visibility was fantastic, but it will get even clearer as the winter progresses.

View on the way to the plane…

Steve took some pretty cool shots too..

Wing of the plane, with me at the nose…

Above the plane, taken by Steve…

Me, being silly, taken by Steve…


Me being silly again…

Bottom Time ~ 40 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 34′
Water Temp. ~ 39 F
Vis. ~ 80′



2 responses

2 01 2009
Melissa F

I found you from Bob’s blog. Wow these are amazing photos!

2 01 2009

Thank you very much, Melissa. :o)

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