Jodrey Jodrey

21 06 2010

Saturday, June 19th, 2010 ~

Some of our US friends were visiting for the weekend, and we were slated to dive the Jodrey on both Saturday and Sunday. We loaded up the van, and met the gang at Jeff’s, for Diving Goodness!

Steve, Kevin, and Jay teamed up, as did Chris, Ed, and Piotr, then Sean and I.

Chris, Ed, and Piotr…

Sean, playing boat captain…

Me, being a completely silly git.. and with the “1” in the right place, added by Chris.

I’m lovin’ Ed’s shoes…

Sean and I dropped down to the bow, then went around to the starboard side. We saw alot of things that we had not seen before, and really enjoyed our dive. We stayed on the starboard side for the remainder of our dive, then made our way back home. A very nice and relaxing dive. Thanks, Sean!

Bottom Time ~ 62 minutes
Max. Depth ~ 166′
Water Temp. ~ 60

Our gear, under the boat…

Steve, Jay, and Kevin, after their dive to the engine room…

How many Gavins does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

A short video, taken by Piotr, at our 20′ stop!

Sunday, June 20th, 2010 ~

Well, today started out to be a great day. We loaded up the boat once again, and had another day of Jodrey Goodness planned. Jay and Kevin weren’t out today, so Steve was going to join Sean and I.

Piotr, posing with his fancy new badge…

Happy Father’s Day to Sean and Chris!

Once we got to the mooring tree, we tied in, put our bottles and scooters in, and in we went. We did our predive checks and headed down the wall. The current was a little bit stronger than the previous day, but it wasn’t unmanageable on the wreck.

We headed down to the bow, peeked through to the bathroom, near the crew’s quarters, swam down and around the crane, and saw some pretty cool stuff. What an awesome dive!

Bottom Time ~ 66 minutes
Max. Depth ~ 187′
Water Temp. ~ 60

Jeff lowered my camera down to me, during our 20′ stop, so I took a few shots.

I handed my camera over to Steve, and he took one of me too…

A fish that seemed pretty interested in what I was doing…

This turned out to be one of those days, where sometimes not everything goes as planned. It was a day where it was proven that team work is priceless, and buddy choices were golden.

Chris, Piotr, and Ed… I’d dive with you guys any day of the week. 🙂



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