First Dive Of 2011

8 01 2011

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011 ~

Well, we had good intentions of diving on January 1st, but it just didn’t happen. We were way too lazy, and took the day off of everything. 🙂

Sunday, it was time to dive! We met Eric, Cory, and Raluca at the quarry, and were quite pleasantly surprised to see that it was still open. We have had some above normal temperatures, which seems to have kept things nice and unfrozen. I couldn’t believe that we hardly had any snow in our town.

The parking lot was still extremely icy, so I opted to wheel my doubles over to the beach area, instead of wearing them, as I figured I would probably wipe out. Well.. that proved to be the wrong decision.. I did wipe out, while wheeling them, giving me plenty of bruises, and an extremely black and swollen pinky finger. Murphy, murphy, murphy…

Oh well, time to dive…

Steve and I were going to run a permanent line from around 15′, past the plane, to the boat. That way, it will be easier under the ice, and we can also practice our cave diving skills. Cory and Raluca were working on skills, with Eric tagging along.

Steve had the reel as we dropped down, and away we went. We made our way to the plane…


Then towards the boat…

…to the wood stacks…

…and tied it off at about 70’…

I then handed Steve the camera, and he took a couple of pics of me…

As we made our way back to the plane, we met up with the rest of the gang, and swam back to the shallows. Steve also placed a line arrow at the beginning of the line.

We surfaced…

…and decided to back in for more.

Some shots of everyone…

Bottom Time ~ 57 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 75′ (Avg. 39′)
Water Temp. ~ 39
Visibility ~ Getting better

After our dive, we packed up, then headed to The Works, for some burgers. We were also celebrating Cory’s Birthday! Since mine was the following day, we both received coupons for a complimentary burger on our next visit. Sweet!

What a great way to spend the beginning of the year!



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