The Making Of Sanked ‘Em!

28 02 2011

Sunday, February 6th, 2011 ~

Since we went to see Sanctum last night, we toyed with the idea of doing a parody of it, under the ice. We didn’t have any solid plans, just some loose suggestions, and we went to town…

“What could possibly go wrong, diving under the ice?”

Chris P. had his trusty camera, and was ready to go!

We did the in water portion first, and there were many tears of laughter flowing inside our masks, and extra bubbles coming from our regulators. Steve and Oren headed over to the “habitat,” where Chris caught them doing some deco.

Then came the “falling into the abyss” scene, where Steve and Oren shared a mask until Oren got pushy, and just had to go. I love how Oren looks up at the camera, just as he’s halfway down.  We had way too much fun.

Once we filmed the “deeper” stuff, we headed back to the shallows, where Oren was clawing across, and Steve was sipping the air pockets from the surface of the ice. I am not sure how on earth they did that with  straight faces, but they did it.

Once we surfaced, we got rid of the gear, and were trying to think of ways to film some of the topside stuff. Jen went to her car, to get the glow stick that we had miraculously found inside the plane.

When she came around the corner, coming towards us, I literally fell to the floor, laughing. Jen had thrown her suitcase in the car, just by chance, and came out with it on her back, as her RB. Her scarf acted as her loop. That was freakin’ brilliant!!! I was crying, laughing!! It was perfect! Although my director made me grab the glow stick from a place that looks rather wrong on the video. Lol…


Steve, on the hunt for his missing bail out bottles…

Oren, at the entrance.. Poor, poor Oren… (lol)…

Me, after my rock climbing…

Zora, watching over all of our antics, and letting us know that we are out of coffee. I guess we should have had the event catered…

Well, to say that we had fun is an understatement. This was an absolute riot!

The finished project! Enjoy!



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6 04 2011

Still cracks me up!

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