Springtime Fun In The Quarry!

4 04 2011

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011 ~

What a beautiful day! Time to go diving!

Eric met us at our place, and we headed out into the sunshine.

Eric, driving behind us, showing our slightly dirty side view mirror…


When we arrived, we entered a sopping wet and muddy parking lot. We should never complain about that, this time of year, as it is a sign of The Big Melt! The quarry is usually mostly thawed out around this time, but it was still pretty ice covered. Although the ice was still thick, it was also a bit slushy, and had some neat ice crystal formations…

We decided to bring out the scooters today, as we hadn’t played with them all winter! We didn’t need to break out the chainsaw either, as the beach has started to open up.

We did our predive checks, and away we went. We scootered the length of the “main line,” that we laid for the winter, then made our way back to the plane. Eric threw an out of gas at me, and was a little bit behind me, so I hit the trigger with reg in hand, and donated my primary. We went through the drill, I stowed my scooter, and off we went. Our drill went well, and we noticed a couple of places that could use improvement. That is why we practice, right? 🙂

We played around a little, and since both Steve and Eric had some glove leakage, we made our way back in. 

Bottom Time ~ 34 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 71′ (Avg. 39′)
Water Temp. ~ 39F
Visibility ~ Really nice!

I was using the DUI heated system again today, and I wasn’t sure that I was feeling much heat today. Once we were on the surface, I turned the dial on the battery pack, only to realize that I only had it on 50%. I turned it to 100%, and felt the instant heat. What a nice feeling! That “end of dive chill” was gone! Sweet! That’ll teach me!

Once we got rid of our gear, we hopped back in to break up the beach, and to do a little ice floe surfing! We had quite a few giggles.



Then Eric and Steve decided to go play over the plane. They had swimming competitions, through a thin part of the slushy ice…

A self portrait of my slight nerdiness…

It was a marvelous day, and we were extremely happy to be able to dive! wOOt! The quarry is opening up!

Ok.. well.. we helped the beach a little…



One response

17 05 2011
I Are Diver

Ah, divers with humour – love it!

Never done the ice diving thing, looks like a lot of fun. Dive safe.

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