First Dive Of 2012

11 01 2012

Sunday, January 8th, 2012 ~

The first dive of the year! We usually get in for a splash on January 1st, but were a bit lazy this time around, so the 8th, it would be!

After a group breakfast at Tim Horton’s, we made our way up to the Quarry. We were not sure what to expect, as far as ice coverage, as our last quarry dive had been in open water. We have had some serious arctic temperatures, recently, so figured there would be some ice.

Arriving, we saw that the beach area was ice covered, but the larger area was still wide open. Sweet!

We were in two groups of three: Eric, Steve, and myself, and Team Cave 1 (who had recently done C1, in Mx.).

Team Cave 1: Cory, Raluca, James! James had only been back from the warmth, for two days!

Eric, getting gear ready…

Steve, Eric, and I got in, did gear checks, and away we went. We headed down to the sub, played around a little, then came back up. I was feeling a little light, with my new undies, but they were extremely warm. I had quite a bit of weight on me, so chalked it up to having a bit of gas in my suit. We carried on for a little while, then headed in. We were getting chilly!

Bottom Time: 27 mins.
Max. Depth: 58′
Water Temp.: 39F
Visibility: Not horrible, but still a bit milky

Raluca, doing a dance…

We had a fun day of diving, and the quarry will more than likely be frozen over, on our next dive. We headed to The Works for some post dive burgers and banter! Until next time!




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