… And Then There Was Ice

23 01 2012

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012 ~

We were not surprised to see that the quarry had completely frozen over, when we arrived, today. The temperatures have been brutally cold, over the last couple of weeks, and we came prepared with our extra piece of dive kit.

Steve and Eric shoveled out our entry point, then Steve traced, and cut. We were ready to get ready…

Mike and Michel were in before us, and we passed them on our way in…

Eric had run the reel, and tied in to the plane line. We made our way to the plane, hovered for a little while, reached valves, acted silly, then went down to the boat.

Steve posed for a shot with the Pirate flag…

My camera was acting a bit funny, and was not taking pics when I asked it to. It may have been down to a low battery… at least, I hope so.


Of course, there is me, with a self portrait…

We made our way back to the plane, where we goofed about some more, and I attempted to take more pictures. I found if I turned it off, then on again, I would get one shot. I missed a couple of shots that I thought may have been neat.

Steve, grabbing his wet notes, to tell us that he wants another TLS…

I managed to get one more shot, before getting back to the hole, and watching Eric behind me, with the reel…

Bottom Time: 37 mins.
Max. Depth: 42′
Water Temp.: 39F
Visibility: Still not crystal clear

We doffed our gear, then headed in to the cottage, where Evelyn had the wood stove going (Thank you, Evelyn)! It is really nice to keep warm, while changing.

It did not take long for the gear to start freezing…


Yours truly…

Argon… Do NOT Breathe! 😉

Or else, this could be you…

That was today’s tidbit (*NOTE* No, he did not actually breathe gas from the cylinder. There were no GUE Instructors harmed in the making of this week’s Bloggy Entry).  

Another day in the life of DIR Ontario members, under the ice. Of course, we topped off our Ice Diving Goodness with The Works, and more laughs. Until next time!



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