Nope… Not This Time, Either…

7 05 2012

Sunday, May 6th, 2012 ~ 

So, we made another attempt at looking for the elusive truck. The old Chevy truck that seems to hide from us, every time we look for it. We have been looking for this thing for about 5 years, and although we know we are all around the right area, we never seem to actually find it. Many other friends have found it, although I am starting to wonder if it actually exists, or if people keep photoshopping into their pics and videos, just to tantalize us. 😛

We arrived at Centeen Park, brought our scooters to the water, geared up, and in we went. The visibility was horrible, and there was a ton of green river snot (algae), floating everywhere. I actually caught a piece of it on my upper lip, as we scootered along.

Jenn E. even came by to say hello!

We have had a couple of friends try to help us in our quest, including the directions they follow, as well as another friend giving us GPS coordinates (thanks, Dave). I guess they would be more helpful if we actually plugged them in somewhere. Mike says that would be cheating, if we did that, but at this point, I don’t care. Lol… We’ve been looking for such a long time!!! Today, it did feel like we were getting close. We didn’t see the milk jugs that were supposed to be around the truck, but we did find an area where it was more flat, and what looked like a roadway. A truck should be near a roadway, right???

Oh well.. I guess we will have to continue our search on another day. We did see a fancy pike, though, and it was still a rather fun dive. As long as we still get to play in the water, it is a good day!

Bottom Time: 63 mins.
Max Depth: 96′
Water Temp: 46F
Vis.: Gross, with bits of green fluff.

Mike, James, and Jen B.

James and I! Me, with some serious dive hair! It looks like I also got a bit of sun, a neck seal rub, and cold water face! 😛

We topped the day off with some All You Can Eat Fajitas, at Santa Fe! Thanks for the torts, Penny! 😀

Until our next quest for the Invisible Truck!!!



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