Rockin’ Dive

3 07 2012

Sunday, July 1st, 2012 ~

Eric came to join Steve and I for a dive (crazy, I know…). We found a little spot in the river that Steve and I had been to before, but it had been quite a while. We figured we would give it a go, since we couldn’t get near Centeen, today (Canada Day celebrations).

We dropped our scooters in the water, then geared up. There were a few islands around, and we figured it would be neat to scooter around them. The entry is quite shallow, which was fun to put fins on. We had to go out quite a bit, in order to get ourselves ready to go. There were many very sticky and soft parts of the riverbed, which made it a little tricky to walk out. It wasn’t so bad, when taking the scooters out, but with tanks on, we sank in a little more. We just took our time, and all was well.

We started out, and saw some absolutely amazing rock formations, under the water.  At first, we wondered if some of them might have been man-made, but if so, they would have been awfully hard to put there. Some were jagged, and others were perfectly smoothed down and square.

There was so much to look at, and we did not realize that the channel went this deep, here. Extremely cool dive, and one we will definitely need to do again!

Bottom Time: 57 minutes
Max. Depth: 104′
Water Temp.: 68F



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