Goin’ Back To Connie…

26 08 2012

Saturday, August 25th, 2012 ~

Today, I was hangin’ with Jenni M and Andy, and we went to join in on the SOS (Save Ontario Shipwrecks) Dive and BBQ! When I arrived, Jenn and Andy were already there, and the majority of the SOS folks had gone up to the Wee Hawk, to drift down to the Conestoga. We decided to get in at the Connie, and have an easy go of it. Jenni M was going diving!!! 😛

We geared up,  got in, did gear checks, and down we went. I figured that doing a nice, shallow wreck would be a good opportunity to bring my camera along!

I have not been on this wreck in about 7 years, and it was neat to see it again.

Looking up through the broken stern…

Jenni M, New Diver Extraordinaire!

Andy, giving the moose ears!

A view of the stack, that you can actually see above the surface of the water.

Fancy meeting Luc here!

Lookin’ good, Jenni M! Yes, I think this should be a hair commercial…

We even saw a little pike in the weeds, that did not seem to care that we were there.

We made a few passes of the wreck, dodging the current at the bow, and checked out some of the fish spots (where they were hiding from the current).

Bottom Time: 37 mins.
Max. Depth: 20′
Water Temp.: 75F
Visibility: Not horrible, but the camera made it look much better.

It was then time for BBQ! SOS had reserved the pavillion and the BBQ, and we had all brought goodies to share. Luc was the “Le Chef,” and I have to say, that he did a fantastic job. Thanks, Luc!

Look at that spread! That homemade choco cake was fan-freakin’-tastic!

We had a most excellent day, and thanks to Trista, for putting it all together!

Please become a member of Save Ontario Shipwrecks! Take only pictures, leave only bubbles!

>>Click Here for SOS website<<



3 responses

18 09 2012

Excellent report, thank you, looks like every one was enjoying the BBQ.

19 09 2012
Sandy Sutherland

What you see above the water is actually the top of the engine. It’s unique in having one cylinder above the other on the same piston rod.

20 09 2012

Good times and great people!!!

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