Let’s Go Swimming… Through?

14 07 2013

Saturday, July 13th, 2013 ~

Steve and Dave were running through some skills, so I joined Christian for a dive! I brought my camera with me, too.

We had a nice, easy swim out to the plane, where we saw Steve and Dave. We hung out for a bit, waved, then carried on. Christian was going to show me a little swim-through… A swim-through?? In the quarry?? Whaaa???

Yes… Apparently, this does exist, and I had absolutely no idea. Ok, it’s not like swimming through a cave, or even part of a nice, tropical reef area, but… you can swim under a rock, in the quarry! This still fascinates me, that I had no idea it was there!

Thank you for showing it to me, Christian!

Not far from the swim-through..

A neat box, from when the quarry was in use. I wonder what it was for?

On our way back up to the boat…

Christian, swimming through the boat, and a random diver in the background…

Dave and Steve – Valve Drills!

Bottom Time: 54 mins.
Max. Depth: 100′
Water Temp.: 39F (at 100′, below a few thermoclines)

After our dive, Christian had a collection of goodies, for us! Some fresh bagels, vegan cream cheese, apples, and a collection of nuts and berries, and a taste of dark chocolate. What an awesome surprise! Thanks again, Christian!

What a fun day!

Steve, looking for the froggy, that was making a lot of noise…

Here… froggy, froggy!

Steve and Dave, after their dive!

Dave is such a happy fellow!

What a great day!



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