Another Day Of Fun & Training!

11 08 2013

Saturday, August 10th, 2013 ~

Today was more Diving Goodness, at the quarry. Donna and Steve were working on some skillz, and AJ and I went for a swim, so he could try out a Santi Demo suit (and get measured for one of his very own).

We made our way to the quarry, that was extremely busy with OW courses. We found a couple of spots in the second parking lot.

Finding DEMO!

Aj and I started our swim out…

As we got to the piano, AJ decided to play us a tune. He didn’t have a tip jar, so I couldn’t leave him anything.

As we went through the boat, it appears that there has been more damage done to it. 😦

We passed a couple of thermoclines, and went down to the swim through.

AJ, coming out…

I made another pass through, and took a shot, approaching the exit hole…

It was pretty frigid down there, so we ascended some, then made our way back towards the boat.

We were going to swim through the boat, but were met by a couple of other divers…

We then went over to see Morrie, and AJ gave him a hand with a stray bottle nose…

I’d say we had a bit of fun. 🙂

Bottom Time: 1 hour, 1 min.
Max. Depth: 101′
Water Temp.: 44F, at depth; 73F, at surface
Vis.: Better at depth. Milky at the plane, and zero vis., coming to the shallows

We came out, had some lunch, then went back in. This time, we joined Donna for some skillz. I gave Steve the camera.

On our way back in, Steve decided to get a better perspective on things.

Donna, myself, and AJ…

We practiced some rescue skillz, which was fun, then came in. A fun day, with a mixture of everything!

Bottom Time: 52 mins.
Max. Depth: 29′
Water Temp.: 68F to 73F


AJ gives us a Whoooooooooom!

Steve and I…


Steve and Donna!

…and, of course, a selfie!!