Bryan and the Quarry Shark!

24 08 2014

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 ~

Bryan and I went up to the quarry, to work on valve drills! There were a lot of people there, so we didn’t have a lot of real estate, to practice in. I brought my camera, to take a few shots, too.

We geared up, and swam over to the plane. Bryan could hardly make it out, due to the foggy visibility, and people everywhere. Instead of taking pics there, we made our way over to Morrie The Shark, to get a bit of photographic evidence.

Bryan comes face to face, with Morrie, the Quarry Shark!

Morrie just wanted a little sniff…

…and now, they are friends…


From there, we moved to the shallows, to find a good place for valve drills. We did find a spot, in about 6′ of water, that would do just fine. I put my camera down, demonstrated first, and then Bryan got a turn. Well done, Bryan!

Bottom Time: 40 mins.
Max. Depth: 31′
Water Temp.: 66FVis.: Horrible

The camera does make the visibility appear to be much better than it was. It was pretty good in the 6′ area, that we were doing valve drills in, but otherwise, it was “pants.”
(Thanks to my British friends, for that term)

I handed my camera over to Bryan, who took a pic of me, too…

Thanks for the dive, Bryan! Let’s get back out there, soon!



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