Going Diving? Not this time…

9 07 2012

Sunday, July 8th, 2012 ~

Hong was coming up to meet us for some Diving Goodness, in Brockville! The plan was to go for a dive with Hong, then for a scooter dive, afterwards. Well… we suited up, and then I had that horrible feeling, when the latex seal on your drysuit just pulls apart, ending your hopes of a dive. Normally, I would have just used some duct tape, as a quick fix, but this was irreparable… from top to bottom, on an angle, and all the way down. *Le sigh* I guess I would be watching from the sidelines, today… and I would have a long wait.

Hong and Steve got into the water, did gear checks, then went for a swim. They went to the Gaskin, swam around for a while, then came back. I would give more details, but sadly, I wasn’t there… 😛

Hong and Steve, doing gear checks, and debriefing…

Hong, waving, as they descend!

Raluca went in for a splash, before her dive! It was pretty hot and humid out!

It appears that they did have a good time.

Uh ohh…. Now that Hong has touched a scooter, I fear it will not be long before he will “need” one in his gear collection!

Who is that, you ask?

…and Hong’s bad a$$ hat!

Eric strikes a pose!

Cory gets in the water…

…followed by Raluca…

Gear checks, and another dive briefing…

Hong was kind enough to wait around with me, while the others went for a bit of a scooter dive. We tried to stay a bit sheltered from the sun, by hanging out under a tree.

When everyone came back, it was time for dinner! Sadly, our favourite fajitas place was closed down… *Sniff*

While it did really suck to watch everyone else dive, it was still a nice, relaxing day by the water. 🙂

I guess that’s about it, for this week! *Off to get my neck seal repaired!*

Along The Waterfront

22 07 2011

Sunday, July 17th, 2011 ~

Time to dive! We loaded up and headed down to Centeen for.. yes.. some Diving and Scootering Goodness! Shocking, I know. Mike and Michel met us there, and were coming out as well.

What a stinkin’ HOT and humid day. It made gearing up a little tough, but since it is not snow and ice, I do not want to complain too much. The park was very busy with swimmers today too, so we were careful to stay out of everyone’s way, as we brought our gear down to the water.

Getting our gear ready…

We got in the water, and debriefed. Our plan was to travel upstream for 60 minutes, then drop into the channel, and do some exploring in spots that we have not been to before. As we moved along, we could hear a freighter approaching, which is quite typical for this area. We were in 24′ as one passed over, and even though this is an event we are used to, this one sounded like the earth was about to implode. It was not even directly above us, as we were a bit shallow for freighter passing. That was some serious metal going by!

As we dropped into the channel, we came upon a cliff wall that was extremely cool. We had not seen this before, so we already knew that we were in new territory. There were so many very interesting formations, and pieces of wreckage. There were another two freighters that passed over, but not nearly as ground-shaking as the first one.  

Once we got into the channel, we got into some serious Rock ‘n’ Roll current, and the visibility improved. We stayed pretty close together though, and even played around in the current. I pointed my scooter against the current, and was still being pushed backwards. What a ride!

We stayed in the channel for about an hour, as planned, then made our way up. Of course, we did make it to the Gaskin on the way back, did a quck tour, then headed in.

On deco, I found a quarter (lucky me), which I lost somewhere on the way back to the van (not so lucky me)!

Bottom Time ~ 2 Hours, 57 Minutes
Max. Depth ~ 108′
Water Temp. ~ 71F
Vis. ~ Stinky in the shallows, but quite nice in the channel

Chart of our path (thanks to Steve)…

Steve’s and my gear, after the dive…

Mike, Michel, and Steve…

Me, sporting some fancy sunglasses that I found at about 95′ (Yes, the ones on top of my hat)…

Until next week’s adventure!