Going Diving? Not this time…

9 07 2012

Sunday, July 8th, 2012 ~

Hong was coming up to meet us for some Diving Goodness, in Brockville! The plan was to go for a dive with Hong, then for a scooter dive, afterwards. Well… we suited up, and then I had that horrible feeling, when the latex seal on your drysuit just pulls apart, ending your hopes of a dive. Normally, I would have just used some duct tape, as a quick fix, but this was irreparable… from top to bottom, on an angle, and all the way down. *Le sigh* I guess I would be watching from the sidelines, today… and I would have a long wait.

Hong and Steve got into the water, did gear checks, then went for a swim. They went to the Gaskin, swam around for a while, then came back. I would give more details, but sadly, I wasn’t there… šŸ˜›

Hong and Steve, doing gear checks, and debriefing…

Hong, waving, as they descend!

Raluca went in for a splash, before her dive! It was pretty hot and humid out!

It appears that they did have a good time.

Uh ohh…. Now that Hong has touched a scooter, I fear it will not be long before he will “need” one in his gear collection!

Who is that, you ask?

…and Hong’s bad a$$ hat!

Eric strikes a pose!

Cory gets in the water…

…followed by Raluca…

Gear checks, and another dive briefing…

Hong was kind enough to wait around with me, while the others went for a bit of a scooter dive. We tried to stay a bit sheltered from the sun, by hanging out under a tree.

When everyone came back, it was time for dinner! Sadly, our favourite fajitas place was closed down… *Sniff*

While it did really suck to watch everyone else dive, it was still a nice, relaxing day by the water. šŸ™‚

I guess that’s about it, for this week! *Off to get my neck seal repaired!*



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13 08 2012
Hong Phan

Thanks for sharing Chan. We had a great time.

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