Another Day At The Gaskin

12 08 2007

Sunday, August 12th, 2007 ~

After a few more dry days than we would have liked, Steve, Wooferbitch (Leigh) and I decided to load up the Dive Gear Transportation Unit, and get our butts in the water. We didn’t really have a solid plan, just that we were headed to Brockville, and into the water.

When we got to Leigh’s place, he had mysteriously grown hair in one night…

We then went into his home studio, where there were mixes of three of the new videos to come ~ The Jodrey, The Sheboygan and The Davie, and The Daryaw… Very cool stuff!

We went to Mallorytown to drop off a copy of the almost-done new video to Curt, who was so gracious to allow us access to the Daryaw from his back yard. I should tell that story one day… it’s a fun one. I’ll wait until the video comes out, I think.

We still had no clue where we wanted to dive, but wanted something different than the Gaskin. We ventured off to St. Lawrence Park to see if there were any spots on a charter. We ran into a bunch of people we knew, and for some strange reason ~ not sure if it may have been the beautiful day and gorgeous sunshine ~ every boat was packed. Oh well, off to the Gaskin we go……

When we arrived, we noticed a couple of charters out on the wreck, and no divers from shore. There were quite a few swimmers though ~ as I said, it was such a gorgeous day!

We geared up, got in, and off to the wreck we scootered. When we got there, there were still a few divers on the wreck, who to their surprise, thought aliens had arrived on the wreck. I guess they had already done a pass of the wreck, and didn’t expect to find 3 crazy dry suit divers, armed with scooters and stages when they came around again. It was kinda funny to see their reactions.

We did a pass through the wreck, and decided to drift off. I really enjoy doing this, as there are many treasures to find ~ Bottles, pieces of racing boats, and even an eel. We drifted back near the shore, and worked on skills ~ some air shares, valve drills, reg switching etc.

It was an overall wonderful and relaxing dive. No cameras, just good relaxing fun!

Bottom Time ~ 93 minutes
Max. Depth ~ 65′
Water Temp. ~ 74



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