A Day At The Park

25 08 2007

Saturday, August 25th, 2007 ~

Our good friend, Francois, came down for a visit again. He arrived at about 10:30 last night, and he and Steve spent the night in the garage….. They installed a permanent line between the booster and the compressor…

This morning, Steve, Francois, and Leigh were up and out early, to catch a ride to the Jodrey. They said there was ripping current, but they had a blast, and even took video.

A couple of friends of mine from NY state came up to Brockville for a visit as well, and we decided to have a splash in at Centeen Park, to work on their skills with their new doubles and to just tool around.

I met them and we went for a splash. Valve drills were done, air was shared, bags were blown, finning was practiced. What more could one ask for? We had a nice, relaxing dive (yep.. relaxing, even WITH the drills…) . It was a short one, but a nice one.

Dive Time ~ 45 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 31″
Water Temp. ~ 70

When we finished and getting ready to leave, we heard sirens. I saw an ambulance down by the water, at a building not too far away. Cruisers followed. My first thought was… diver…

The sirens stopped and started up again. Up pulls a cruiser, and an officer gets out, looking out at the water. I ask him if a diver has been hurt. He says there has, but they don’t know where the person is.

They had received a 911 call about a diver, and they didn’t know the location or whether it was from shore or a boat diver. They were cruising the sites, hunting for this person. We made a couple of suggestions as to other sites, but they were out of their jurisdiction, so it had to be nearby.

There was nothing we could do, so we left. I made a couple of calls to others that I knew were diving around the area, but to no avail. I really hope it wasn’t serious, and that the diver was found.

Upon returning home, the boys were back at the garage. We installed the kick ass power bar we got for the charging station and plugged in the loot…
(notice kick ass power bar on the right of the shelf ~ it’s a long one with yellow plugs)

We hung our gear on the gear rack…

..and even had room for Francois’ stuff…

Camera Station (not everything is up yet)…

Work Station…

The T’s…

…and Francois taking it for a run, boosting his tanks!

It was kind of funny… We had a friend drop by, that owns a dive shop, and upon entering the garage, asked if we were still open….

Until tomorrow’s adventure!!



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15 07 2008
john miller

sexiest garage ever!!!!

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