Gettin’ Ready…

13 09 2007

Thursday, September 13th, 2007 ~

After a long day’s work, Steve and I headed up to Morrison’s Quarry once again, to work on skills. I have been doing alot more lately, as I’ve been prepping to go for my Tech Pass for fundies. I did DIR~F last year, but only did it in a single tank, so I was only able to get the Rec. Pass. I thought, what the heck? I may as well get my butt in gear, now that I’m in doubles, and do it. So… tomorrow am, we are taking off bright and early, to make the drive to Ktown. Dan is going to put me to the test, drill my ass off, and hopefully I will walk away with my Tech Pass.

I’ll have to do the “Final Dive” from the fundies class. Descent making two stops, valve drill with primary, finning techniques, donate gas with primary in hand, deploy back up light, ascent making two stops, blow a bag on the ascent… list goes on a little more, but that’s the gist of it. Oh yeah.. and all while not fluctuating more than 3′ from my targetted depth, and staying horizontal.

Sooooo… that’s the plan for the morning. Steve is going to buddy up with me for it (thank heavens!). 

After that, a friend of mine is coming down from St. Catherines (about 4 hours west of Kingston), and we’re either off to dive at Nicholson’s Point, or we’re heading to the mighty Brockville for the clean up dive. It will depend on my timing on the morning dive.

From there, we’re camping in Mallorytown … which will undoubtedly mean a trip to Dive Tech (leave… wallet… in … car… ), and a dive at Centeen Park on Sunday. We’ll be meeting with the Wooferbitch, Hugh, and Gilles for a nice dive to the Gaskin!

I guess I will know tomorrow, whether I am Tech Pass worthy or not!

Details at 11!… er.. I mean Monday!



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