8 05 2008

Thursday, May 8th, 2008 ~

We hit Morrison’s quarry last night, for the start of our Thursday night training dives. There was myself, Steve, Leigh, plus two others that wanted to join us. One friend of ours that is finishing up his T1 this summer, as well as another guy interested in the training we do. Leigh and I dropped down together, and did our valve drills and S drills, and Steve, Radu, and Martin teamed up. Our plan was to drop down to the sub (about 60′, and do a timed ascent, then surface and discuss. We weren’t sure whether doing it in a 5 person formation was the best thing to do or not, but we thought we’d give it a try!

Yeah.. that wasn’t the best way to do it…

Lol… So.. Steve buddied up with our new friends, and Leigh and I went and did a couple more ascents.

We were told that the shark on the 30′ ledge was missing, so we went to look for him. We found him.. he was belly up at 80′. We’ll have to go back down with a lift bag to bring him back to life!

Leigh pulled an OOA on me, and all went smoothly. We swam around a bit, then hovered for a while, and watched the others, then went for another ascent. When we headed back to the plane, the others had gone back to the beach, so we made our way back in too… a nice and easy swim back in.

A great dive!

Bottom Time ~ 58 minutes
Max. Depth ~ 62′
Water Temp. ~ 42 and 44 (Except I think I had a slight narcosis at 60’… I swear it said 100 degrees…)
Vis. ~ 50′