First Gaskin Dive Of The Year And More Quarryness!

11 05 2008

Saturday, May 10th, 2008 ~

Steve, Leigh and I met Oren and Sean at Centeen Park for a splash on the Gaskin! The sun was shining, and we were all in great spirits! Rasa came for a visit too (Oren’s wife)!

I was a bit worried about the condition of the Gaskin, as it took a beating last year, and was in bad shape before the ice covered it. We dropped down, did our modified valve and S drills, then headed out to the wreck! Vis was a bit stinky, and the current was absolutely rippin’. When getting to the wreck, we noticed that the wreck had suffered a bit more damage over the winter months, but not as much as suspected. We tooled around the wreck for a while, then Steve threw an out of air at me, and all went smoothly! We went off the wreck, and made our way back to the shallows, where we played around some more. An absolutely wonderful day!

Here are some pics that Rasa took!

…and us in our WGD colours…

Bottom Time ~ 62 minutes
Max. Depth ~ 68′
Water Temp. ~ 44
Vis. ~ 20′ and milky…algae floating up…

Here are a couple of other pics that I took of a few visitors!

Ok.. so… I also had a bit of an issue with my She-P… er… I peed myself…

Sunday, May 11th, 2008 ~

Happy Mother’s Day!!

What better way to celebrate our mothers, than to go for a dip at the quarry before dinner??? That is, since I wasn’t able to make the drive home to Oakville, to see my mum.

Steve and I met Martin R and Stefan for some skillz at the quarry. We dropped down in pairs, in the shallows, for S and Valve drills! The four of us then went down to the sub for an ascent. I was trying to work in 5′ increments from 30′, to make sure I came up slow from 20′, and it made a difference. Although, I did dump a little too much gas, coming up from 30′, and dropped a bit. I came back up alright though. We went back down to the plane, blew a few bags, then back to the sub for another ascent. Better stuff… We went back in for a snack!

Bottom Time ~ 45 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 53′
Water Temp. ~ 44/42
Vis. ~ 20′

> Pics to be inserted later on! <

Steve and I went back in to test the video camera housing. We machined a spare lid to fit a bayonette and dome port lens! We went to the plane to get some footage.. Holy smokes, was I ever comfy. I was so relaxed over the plane, and could have fallen asleep there!

We didn’t stay in long, as we had to get moving! Mother’s Day dinner was calling!!!

Bottom Time ~ 7 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 21′
Water Temp. ~ 44
Vis. ~ 20′

We then met Steve’s family for some yummy Chinese Food!!