More Friends!

15 05 2008

Thursday, May 15th, 2008 ~

Our Thursday night skillz dives are underway! Steve and I met Leigh, Melissa, Radu, Steve S., and Carm! Steve and I did our valve and S drills, then Radu joined in with us. Leigh was helping Melissa ~ her first time with a long hose set up! Steve S. and Carm came in a little after us! Steve, Radu, and I dropped down to the sub for… wait for it…. an… ascent!! I was pretty happy with it, although a little slow in the last 20′, which I’m still not unhappy with. We were then going to do a descent, with a stop at 10′, then 20′, then over to the plane. Doh… I went a little past 10’…but caught myself before going too far.. pft.. silly arse…  Radu had a bit of a problem with his ears, so we came back in.

Steve, Leigh, and I decided to go back in, so we could test the camera housing at depth, since machining it! We dropped down to the shelf at 80′, where I realized I might be a bit narc’d… the rock told me… At 98′, I was sure I was narc’d out of my freakin’ tree. I noticed that Leigh’s back up light was on, so I signaled him, and turned it off for him. I then made a signal to him, to tell him that I was out of my tree…. to which he responded that he was too… Steve was laughing at us…

Ok.. so the camera was good… up up and away we go… We did a nice, slow ascent, and did our safety stop. Holy smokes, did I feel light! We went back up to the plane, and did a nice slow return to the beach.

What a blast!!

Bottom Time ~ 22 minutes
Max. Depth ~ 98′
Water Temp. ~ 44
Vis. ~ 20′