Busy Days At The Quarry

4 03 2009

Saturday, February 21st, 2009 ~ 


When we arrived at the quarry today, we noticed that there were ice diving courses going on again. Since they carved their holes in the deeper section of water, we would be out of their way. 


I’m not exactly sure what settings I had the camera on, but all of the pictures turned out blurry today. I was a bit disappointed, as many of them looked amazing on the display screen. 


We dropped in, did our checks, and carried on. I will post a few pictures anyway… blurry or not…



We headed over to the boat, carefully staying out of the way of the tethered divers.



To stay out of the way, we made our way down to the stove and freezer. I used to think the mini freezer was a laundry sink… apparently, I was wrong… lol…


This is the best shot I’ve been able to get of them so far, without strobes. They sit at about 105’…



We ran a line over to the car, which I had not approached from that angle before…


We then headed over to “the pit.” I had not been here before. It’s a pit that goes to about 120′, and houses a tractor tire, and another small piece of machinery. Pretty cool stuff… We headed back over to the car, picked up our line,  went back up to the plane, and headed in.


Bottom Time ~ 35 minutes

Max. Depth ~ 111′

Water Temp. ~ 40

Vis. ~ Not as good as last week, but still great


I had received a special package in the mail, from Heleen, and had to take pictures with the yummy licorice she sent!





When we arrived home, I received a call from Rona, from Saskatchewan. Since she was in town, we met up for some singing fun. What a blast! We had a great night, and it was really good to meet her! Thanks Rona!!


We ended up having an action packed day, filled with diving and friends. I couldn’t ask for more! Well.. except pictures that weren’t blurry…



Sunday, February 23rd, 2009 ~

I left the camera at home today, as Steve brought the video camera. We took turns taking video of each other doing skills and finning techniques. We did valve drills, frog kicks, modified frog kicks, flutter kicks, and modified flutter kicks.

We had a really great skills dive!

Bottom Time ~ 46 minutes
Max. Depth ~ 42′
Water Temp. ~ 40
Vis. ~ Pretty darn good

There were other friends diving as well…

Until next week, when I have the camera back in hand!


Here are a couple of pictures of another surprise from Heleen!



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