A Trip To The Quarry

5 03 2009

Sunday, March 1st, 2009 ~

We headed to the quarry this past Sunday, and we were able to drag Jeremy out, despite the fact that he has been accustomed to desert weather, over the last 9 months (welcome home, Jeremy).

It was a busy day at the quarry as well, and the visibility wasn’t as great as it has been recently.

Here are a few pics from the day’s events…

A shot of Jeremy in his brand spankin’ new TLS…


Another member of Team Red…


Another one for the Red Team…


I guess I just don’t fit in with my Maroon…


A few shots from the dive…


Steve, doing a modified flutter…


Getting ready for valve drills…


Coming up on Kevin and Jeremy in the shallows…


Who could this be?


I think this one is my favourite of the day…


When we came in, we fooled around some more, and took some more shots…


Bottom Time ~ 41 minutes

Max. Depth ~ 30′

Water Temp. ~ 40

Vis. ~ Starting to change a bit, but still good!


All in all, it was yet another beautiful, sunny day for a dive!



2 responses

10 03 2009
Duane Johnson

Nice pictures. Much better than what I could do. I guess team diving means that everyone needs to be dressed the same huh? 🙂 Don’t worry, my dry suit is all black.

11 03 2009

Lol… I don’t fit in with my team… My suit is Maroon… 😀

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