The Quarry Is Melting!

11 03 2009

Sunday, March 8th, 2009 ~ 


Another busy and gorgeous day at the quarry, and we headed up to meet Kevin and Jeremy. There were many people taking advantage of the beautiful weather today, and getting their gear wet. There were many courses going on as well. 


Kevin ran the line today, and we headed out to the plane.


Kevin tied off the line, and we worked on some skills. Steve and I paired up, as did Kevin and Jeremy. We played around a bit, and avoided being landed on a couple of times, by some of the course candidates.

Steve even worked on his “Upside Down Frog Kick.”


We practiced valve drills, finning techniques, as well as picked up some of the “Police Line” that had fallen in the melting water, from the courses.

Kevin even tried the Upside Down Frog Kick…


We looked above, and noticed the big, gaping hole in the ice. We knew there had been a bit of melting, but weren’t sure how much. We made our way to the surface, to check it out… It was a massive open water hole!


Before descending again, Steve pointed out to me, how well you could see the plane from the surface.


We descended again, and did some more playing around the plane.


We finally decided to head in, as it really started to get busy, and we did have to duck a couple of times…


This shot was kind of neat, as it wasn’t until we got home, that I noticed the two people in the ice hole above! It has now been dubbed, “The Alien Picture.”


On the way in…

Bottom Time ~ 60 minutes
Max. Depth ~ 35′
Water Temp. ~ 39
Vis. ~ Great!


When we returned to the hole, we were greeted by other friends about to gear up as well!


We doffed our gear, and Steve wanted to go and play in the big, melted hole, where he got a couple of pretty cool shots…


I came over to say hello, and… lo and behold, my leg went through… Trust that camera to be ready… lol…


We finally packed up and headed over to Jean Burger, for Poutine and chicken! Ok.. chicken for me… Poutine for the fellas!



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