Third Day Of Florida Cavezz ~ Little River!

23 11 2009

Wednesday, November11th, 2009 ~

Today, our adventures would take us to Little River. On the way, we stopped at EE for fills, then to Cave Excursions, where we checked out the Cave Diving Museum. There was some pretty amazing stuff to see.

I thought this old drysuit was wild. It was made in the 1950s, had a big hole in the back, for entry, and was tied together with a rope!

An old Aqua Zepp scooter. I think it was about as tall as I am…

A bunch of items that belonged to Sheck Exley too…

When we arrived at Little River, Amanda and Chet were there waiting for us. I finally got to meet the White Angel!

While we were gearing up, we happened to run into another friend. Who would have thought we would see Caver Dave??

Amanda needed to get some shots of Flat Stanley, in the caves, so we were going to take him in with us!

Apparently, the water levels were way down, and I think someone referenced us to “diving in a puddle.”

Here are a couple of shots of Steve and I, posing with Flat Stanley. Pics taken with Amanda’s camera, by Jeff!

Pics of Jeff, Steve, and I, discussing our dive plan. Taken by Amanda Cotton…

Our version of Puddle Diving, taken by Amanda Cotton!

We did two dives in this system, and it was a blast! There was flow here, but not as much as Ginnie. We were told that the flow wasn’t as strong as usual. Once you enter, and turn to the left, you raise to the ceiling, and go through a maze of zig zags. I refer to it as a jungle gym. Coming out was a blast, similar to a roller coaster ride!

Some more shots by Amanda…

Here’s a shot of our tough street pose…

Then we got bitten by the Captain…

The washrooms were being guarded by a 7-legged Banana Spider. I can’t believe I actually took this picture…

There was also a giant ant hill, filled with Fire Ants…

That, and I have no idea why on earth there would be roosters there…

What an excellent day of adventure and fun! We hung out with friends, met some folks from some of the diving boards, that we had not met before, saw some of the local wild life, took pictures with Flat Stanley, met Tom, who had just finished a book on Florida diving, and got to play in the caves!

Pic taken by Amanda Cotton…

We kidnapped Jeff again, and were going to head back for some Pizza Hut.

Bye Bye, Amanda and Chet!! See you soon!!



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