Day Four ~ Madison

27 11 2009

Thursday, November 12th, 2009 ~

Our first stop was EE, for fills, and Steve was interviewed for the GUE Conference video.

We milled about for a little while longer, and we got a couple of pics of JP and Anne Marie, before heading off!

Today, was the long journey to Madison. Steve, Jeff, and I left a little bit later than the previous days, and made our way there in the afternoon. Guy, Duarte, and Zeev were taking a class there today too, so we figured we would run into them.

When we arrived, we put our fees in the drop box, and left our cert cards on the dashboard.

Our Cave 1 class friends were doing line drills on the lawn, so we didn’t bother them. We had a look at the map, and got ready to dive!

We geared up and headed to the water.


Jeff ran the line for us, as we had not been here before. We followed Jeff’s lead into the main line. What a cool looking cave. There were nooks and crannies just about everywhere, and there was so much to look at. There wasn’t much flow here, so we had a nice, relaxing swim in and out. We went back in for a second dive, and it was just as enjoyable.

When we got out, we were able to chat with Mark, Guy, Zeev, and Duarte, then headed out for some food!

We ended up going to a restaurant called, El Toreo, which means “Colt” in Spanish. There were horses everywhere, and some amazing Mexican food!!

Thanks for another day of Cave diving goodness, Jeff!



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