Easter Weekend Goodness

10 04 2010

Friday, April 2nd, 2010 ~

Good Friday! Yes, it is!

Erin was visiting from the mighty T-Dot, so we went on up to the quarry. Cam S. and Mark T were also going up, so we met them as well, with Connor.

As we were gearing up, we met with Todd and Isabelle, who were going to join us for Diving Goodness.

We entered at the beach, did our pre-dive checks, and sorted ourselves out at about 10′.

Erin, getting sorted out…
Erin, getting ready to head to the plane

Mark had his camera too…

Todd and Isabelle, lookin’ good!

Erin, also lookin’ good!

We played about the plane for a bit…
Hanging about the plane

Cam, striking a pose…
In Vogue

Then went over to the boat. We took turns going through it, taking pictures, and a few of us even did a bit of a dance.

From there, we went down to check out the sub. Notice the hood ornament…

One of the gang had a bit of a regulator issue, so we made our way back up the wall, and came back in.

We had alot of fun, and it was great to go out diving with new friends!

Bottom Time ~ 46 mins
Max. Depth ~ 59′
Water Temp. ~ 42
Vis. ~ Stellar

Group Shot!

Sunday, April 4th, 2010 ~

Steve, Jay, and I headed down towards Morrisburg, to try and find another entrance to the river. Steve had seen some paths that looked promising, so we decided to check them out. We had the scooters with us, and wanted to do some exploring.

We found one of the entrances that Steve had seen, and took the path. It looked like it might be promising…

Road Less Traveled

Once we got halfway down the path, it turned to muck, and we knew that the van probably wouldn’t fare well in it. We got out for a look, and it wasn’t looking pretty. This is just the start of the muck…


We decided to just go over to Farran Park, as it was getting a bit late in the afternoon, and we wanted to dive.

It would be my first river dive of the year.. w00 h00! Steve and Jay had been down here on Friday.

We discussed our plan, and in we went. The vis wasn’t nearly as good as it had been for the guys, just two days prior. I guess the wind was moving in the wrong direction. Lol…

We headed south, to a wall, around it, then south some more. We had to stay pretty tight together, as the visibility was pretty crappy. We did see quite a few large fish ~ Carp, Catfish, and even a Pike. We came upon a big, dead carp, that Steve and Jay had seen on Friday. Most of the fish were still pretty sleepy, with the water temperature, but it was neat to see so many big ones.

We scootered around some different structures, then made our way back in. I was pretty chilled at this point, as I still seemed to have a leak in my suit.

Bottom Time ~ 64 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 85′
Visibility ~ 10′ and milky

It felt really good to be back in the river, and back to exploring in the river! This was the first time for me using the “red” scooter, since I blew it up last year, too. Man, it goes like stink, now that it is fixed!

Some pics of our grins, after the dive…

Big Scooter Grins



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