Back To The Rivaa ~ Rockport

12 04 2010

Saturday, April 10th, 2010 ~

Steve, Jay, and I got a taste of scootering the river last weekend, and decided to go back for more. We met in Rockport, at Jeff’s dock, and it was good to see Jeff back from school. Only two more months until he’s back from commercial scuba school. Jay brought Lloyd down, for some fun in the sun too.

Jeff had his small boat in the water, and some folks had already taken a charter out to the Jodrey. There were some other charters that probably weren’t going out that day…

I decided to bring the camera along, as I have only had it in the river a couple of times, and need practice. We had our scooters with us as well, but I wanted to try clipping it off, instead of using the scooter mount.

We geared up, and in we went. The water was pretty green, so quality shots were tough to get.

We scootered out past the Kinghorn, then travelled a bit south east, where we found what looked like a couple of car frames.

Jay, with the car frames…

The ground was quite silty, and would stir up very easily, when a fish scurried off, or a crayfish jumped back into his house. We found some pretty interesting things along the way. There was a giant structure that we found, that looked like it was some kind of mega-fire pit. I was getting ready to take a picture of it, when I kicked up some algae, and ruined the shot. Doh!

Steve took a picture of me…

Jay and Steve…

We scootered about for a while, checking out things we hadn’t seen before, and there were an incredible amount of crayfish.

When we came back into the shallows, it was much better picture taking. We dumped our gear, and had some fun.

Jay, before dumping gear…


Jay, with dinner…

Steve, eating some… (no, not really)…

This little fellow stole his buddy’s house. His buddy was not very happy, and stuck a pincer in after him, with his bum curled under him…

We surfaced with grins, which is not unusual after diving goodness in the river!

Bottom Time ~ 68 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 110′
Water Temp. ~ 42



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