Dry Dry Dry…

27 04 2010

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010 ~

Well, it seems I am out of the water for a while, until I receive my drysuit back from DUI. I am not pleased with the supposed “overnight” service, that was not performed by Purolator. I shipped my suit last Thursday, with a delivery date of Friday, and as of yesterday, it was still sitting in the Ottawa Puro depot. I have had a few discussions with them, and they don’t seem to care that I am paying out the wazoo, for a service that I am not getting.

The last I heard, was that it would leave the depot last night… *checking website.*

It seems it is now in Kentucky.

I am hoping for a speedy suit recovery, so that I can get my butt back in the water. I do have a back up suit.. but.. well… its back up days are over.

*Crossing fingers*



One response

1 05 2010

Hope you get your suit back soon. I am still waiting on my new cls450 I ordered back the end of feb. My soon to be back up suit has seen better days. All the aqua seal is testament to that. It has gotten me through another winter season of diving the St.Clair river so I can’t complain to much. It doesn’t really leak as much as “weeps” After an hour dive or so my thermals are damp. Not soaking wet just damp.

Again I hope DUI gets your suit back into tip top shape so that you can once again partake in diving goodness

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