Island 99

18 04 2010

Sunday, April 18th, 2010 ~

Since we hadn’t been back to Island 99/Teapot Island in quite a while, we decided to give it a whirl. We wanted to get in there before the weeds overtook the shallows. It can be a royal pain in the behind to scooter through them in the summer.


We weren’t sure what to expect for visibility, due to the rain that we’ve had all week.

Steve, Jeremy, and Jay, scouting the area…

We brought the gear down the hill, and got ready for business…

While gearing up, Jeremy blew a wrist seal, and was unable to dive. Had the water been a bit warmer, the tape option may have worked…lol.

What is great about this spot, is that there can be so much to see. It may appear to be just a giant slope of rock, but there are holes and crevices, fish, crayfish, various items, and even frogs. There was quite a layer of algae along the bottom as well, which we didn’t see as much of last year.

Steve had to look closely for this fella…

Our first find was a sled, which was a pretty cool find…

The terrain is a sloping rock wall, and the water was pretty green. We did not get the visibility that we had expected, but it was still a lot of fun.

Steve found a little rock pile to hide behind. Shall we play “Where’s Blanchard?”

We did quite a tour, found a bottle debris field, a few large crayfish, then made our way back, where we played around in the shallows, taking pictures. We were only in two feet of water, so we had to be extra careful to leave the algae on the bottom.

Steve and Jay…


I took the camera off of the scooter mount, and handed the camera to Steve.


Jay and I…



Bottom Time ~ 63 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 89′
Water Temp. ~ 42
Vis. ~ 25′ and milky (Yes, the camera makes it look nicer)

The top of the hill, with the island on the far right…

Another fantastic day of scooter diving goodness. Go team!



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