Waves And BBQ

6 08 2012

Sunday, August 5th, 2012 ~

Since Jenni M has now become Scuba Jenni M, I was hoping to introduce her to the River! I figured that a nice swim out to the Rothesay would be a nice, easy, and fun dive. Yeah… I guess I should have known better. The winds were blowing like crazy – enough to push the van, while driving on the highway – and when we arrived, there was some wave action going on. It didn’t look too bad, so we geared up.

There were some other divers just finishing up, so we hopped in, and did our gear checks. Once we started out to the jug, the waves and winds were absolutely insane. We had been pushed quite a distance away from the jug, and since Jenni M had been working so hard, it was time to thumb it. We had been swimming for quite some time, and there were ocean-like waves tossing us about. We made our way back to the beach, and climbed out.

It’s a bummer that we didn’t make it out, but we had to be on the safe side. Another group of divers pulled up, and asked what the conditions were like. When we told them it was pretty rough, they went down to check… and quickly came up, and left. Oh well, another day!

Since we had worked up quite an appetite, it was time to mosey on over to Northern Tech Diver, in Kingston, for a BBQ! We stopped by Jen B. and Mike’s new place, to check it out, and grab more people to join in the fun!

Master Chef Mike was doing the cooking, and did a superb job! Thank you James, Mike, Tom, and NTD! It was just like old times!



3 responses

23 08 2012

Good times!!! :0)

23 08 2012

You will have to tell me the next time you are down, Tom never mention that you were going to be at the bbq

23 08 2012

Ahh! I will, Polly! It was kind of a surprise! 🙂

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