Friends In Town!

15 07 2012

Saturday, July 14th, 2012 ~

More visitors! Ken and Debbie came up for a splash! We were going to go for a nice, leisurely swim out to the Gaskin, to introduce Debbie to the Riva! Steve was tending to the fill station, so Mike P. came out to buddy up with me.

We had our dive breifing, gear checks, and off we went! It had been a while since I have done a swim out to the Gaskin!

There wasn’t a whole lot of current on the way out, until the last 20 kicks, where it usually picks up. The visibility was absolutely horrible, and we couldn’t even see the wreck, once we reached it!

The swim back was a cinch. We had a little help from the current, bringing us back to our entry!

Bottom Time: 62 mins.
Max Depth: 59′
Water Temp.: 73F




Then, time for some Boston Pizza!

Ken and Debbie, thank you for coming to visit! Tt was great to see you and dive with you! Please come back for some more Diving Goodness!



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