Evening Dive ~ Buckingham, QC

4 08 2007

Saturday, August 4th, 2007 ~

After spending the day getting parts and fittings for our new booster, we decided to go for an evening dive in the Back Mine. Steve, Francois, and I ventured out across the ferry and down the bumpy backroads once again!

Francois, Myself, and Steve on the ferry…

View of the water from the ferry…

About to get off the ferry!

A blurry pic of the best part of the backroad…

When we got there, there were a couple of tents pitched, and a raging bon fire (which is pretty normal for a saturday evening). The campers are always very friendly and very interested in seeing what all this dive stuff is about.

Pic of the entrance…

Francois and I before our dip…

We geared up and went in. We went down to the cave sign, which was at about 100′, checked out all the stray stuff laying about (truck parts, rock that has tumbled in from the cave top above the water, old mining tools, an old boot (nope, no one attached), and many other things. We tooled around and I got a bit chilly quickly, due to my leaky drysuit, so we came up. Steve and Francois went back in for a bit more, as I geared down.

Water Temp ~ 42
Maximum Depth ~ 107′
Bottom Time ~ 25 mins.

Here is a pic of us on the ferry in the dark…Lol…

Now it’s off to sleep for our next adventure tomorrow!!



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