Dry Days With The Dive Toys

5 08 2007

Sunday, August 5th, 2007 ~

We didn’t end up in the water today. Instead, we went all over the place to get more bits and pieces for our new toy. We had it running yesterday, but we found out the hard way that we need an air dryer…

They are now working on finishing part of the wall to mount the booster! It seems to be looking for a home, just sitting there on the cart.

Soo.. even though we didn’t get in the water, we still got to play with the toys and scored an inexpensive work area!! w00t w00t w00t!!!

Until the next chapter!

Soo.. we ventured out to Princess Auto to get a Dessicant Air Dryer, and as we pulled up, we saw a bunch of their countertops for sale on the front step.


They only wanted $50 for each piece, and we saw one that would go perfect in our on-going Dive Garage project. We couldn’t make a work space for $50! So.. we purchased what we needed, went home, hitched up Francois’ boat trailer to the Dive Gear Transportation Unit, and the boys headed out to pick up the counter!

When they got there, there were others loading other pieces ~ and.. well… it wasn’t as easy as they had thought. Apparently they were way too heavy even for 5 big muscley brute type fellas to lift, and they had to resort to a forklift!

They loaded it up and headed home. Luckily, our driveway has a slight downward slope to it, and the boys were able to back up to the garage and use Steve’s ramps and hand pump to get it in. Whatever works!!



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