Still A Bit Dry…

7 08 2007

August 7th, 2007 ~

Ok… so yesterday’s dive didn’t happen quite as planned… We were heading to Dive Tech first, so Francois could get some goodies for his stages and a couple of manifold servicing kits. We ended up being quite a bit longer than anticipated (as always when travelling to the Diver’s Candy Store). I think they have a chemical in the air conditioning that makes you want more more more…

Francois also decided to buy himself a Helium analyzer, which we thought was incredible, as he’s leaving it at our house… *All hail the mighty Francois* (ok.. it almost sounds like the “mighty poisson..”)

The boys were going to do the Daryaw from the zodiac, and go inside, and then Steve and I were going to do the Gaskin on our way back home, as a night dive.

Welllllllllll……. we ended up arriving at the public launch at about 6:30 pm, and the boyz readied themselves for the dive…

They finally set out at 7:25, and I was left to guard the fort… so to speak. I sat back, relaxed, and read a bit of a book.

I caught a couple of pics of this little gem that was coming out of the water…

Well, it started to get dark and the mossies started biting, so it was into the van I went. I realized how dumb that was… me, sitting there, in the dark… er.. uh.. …

Ok.. 3 hours had passed. Not uncommon, but I should expect them back soon. I walked around the bay for a bit, and looked for lights.. nothing… Ok.. starting to get a teeny bit worried… Pft.. they’re fine, they’re fine… Don’t be silly… (convincing myself). I must say that the thought of calling the Coast Guard did cross my mind.

Finally, another half hour later, and I saw a bright light in the distance. I had my LED scout with me and signalled to them. As soon as they saw my light, the boat turned and headed for shore. *Phew* In they came, but I sure as ‘eck wasn’t getting my dive in tonight.. pfttttttt…

At least they were safe.

We rolled in at about 1am, unloaded the Dive Transportation Unit, and crashed.
We still haven’t watched the video footage, but both Steve and Francois got video. Can’t wait to watch!



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