‘N’ More Icy Chilly Coldness!

2 12 2007

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007 ~

Well, it seems that we didn’t get enough of the cold on Saturday, so we ventured out to Rockport for a dive to the Kinghorn! The weather was pretty nasty in our little town, so we were late in meeting everyone at Jeff’s dock. Myself, Steve, Jeremy, and Jen geared up for the torture. Jean was sitting out this dive, as he had hurt his knee the day before.

Entry point ~ Jeff’s dock…

We got in, dropped down, did our modified valve drills etc., and headed out to the wreck. We met up with Walkin’ Willy on the way out, and saluted on our way by. JJ and Steve had their scooters out, and were zipping all over the place, while Jen and I did a rendition of the Macarena. We did a pass through the wreck, and I started to feel a bit chilled, so we made the journey back. We noticed that the water temperature was quite a bit colder in the shallows than on the wreck. On the drive down, we even wondered if the entry would be open or not, as the river was frozen in alot of places just east of Rockport.

We got out, and we instantly became DUI popsicles. I was able to disconnect my drysuit inflator before it completely froze over.

Steve as a popsicle…

Me… looking like a pygmy popsicle…

..and finally.. my icy gear!

Bottom Time ~ 49 mins.
Water Temp. ~ 41 & 39
Max. Depth ~ 88′
Vis. ~ 20′ – 30′

Upon gearing down, I noticed that I was almost completely soaked. A happy camper, I was not! I am going to put it down to user error for now, as since my suit is brand new, the zipper is pretty stiff. I’m hopin’ like ‘eck that it was because of that!!!

Once we finally thawed out and got changed, we all went for lunch at our little “place.”

Another fine weekend of laughter, fun, and good friends..er.. and chilly water!



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