The Quarry For The Winter!

23 12 2007

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007 ~Well, it seems a dog’s age since I was in the water last… 3 weeks, and it was way too long!!! Steve and I headed up to Wakefield, Quebec today for a splash! When we got there, we expected it to be frozen solid ~ The air temperatures have been wayyyyyyyyyy sub zero over the last week or so, and everything else seems to be frozen. We pulled up, shovelled through to the entry point, and the usual spot was frozen over, up to the bridge, but past the bridge was all open water… w00t! We could just continue walking past the entry, to a second small beach to enter.



We met up with Carmen, Steve S., and Rob W. there as well.


As we made our way through the path to the entry point, and leave it to me to have my foot fall through a deep part of the snow, and fall down with my doubles on… pftt… I’m not proud… I lifted my arse up, and carried on… We got in, made our plan, hovered at about 5 feet for a bit, then started our skills. Steve and I did our valve drills, air shares, and headed out to the plane.


We hovered around, did a few more skills, then headed out to the tug.


We swam through a couple of times, took some pics, and just had some good ol’ fun!





Steve S….



We swam back to the plane, did some more skillssssss, then out we went.

Bottom Time ~ 54 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 43′
Water Temp. ~ 39
Vis. ~ 25′ ish

Me, walking back to the van…


After getting out, we doffed our gear and went back to play…

Burying Steve…


Steve floating…


Me floating… (after Steve pushed me in)…

Double self portrait… with cold water pudgy face syndrome…lol…


Me… trying to catch a pic of Steve throwing water at me… didn’t catch it obviously.. but I did get a nice chunk of water in the eyes…

…and… Steve practicing for some kind of obscure skating competition??

A great day, despite the rain! Thank goodness it was mild!



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