Victoria Day Long Weekend!

19 05 2008

May 18th & 19th, 2008 ~

Happy Victoria Day!

Thank goodness for the extra day! Steve had to work on Saturday, so we didn’t end up going for a dive. I had to catch up on some house stuff anyway.

Sunday, Steve, Leigh, and I headed for Rockport, to do some video for Rockport Dive Centre. We took a charter out to the Ash Island Barge, to get some good stuff! We hadn’t done this wreck before, and it was a pretty cool dive. It’s a wodden Belly Dumper, still holds its cargo, and is on an angle down the East wall of Ash Island. It starts in about 90′ of water, and you can see up until 120′, where the rest of it is buried in white periwinkle shells. It’s a pretty cool site. It is unknown how many holds are buried underneath the periwinkles. There is ambient light down to about 85′, then it gets pretty dark, but your eyes do adjust. I have to say that I was pretty narc’d., but I had a good experience dive.

Bottom Time ~ 34 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 101′
Water Temp. ~ 51
Vis. ~ Murky in ambient light area, much clearer at depth… approx. 30′

Below is some of the video.. also integrated into the DIR Explorers Baton…

Steve and I then headed to Kingston, where we met some of the gang for dinner, and planned a charter for the following day!

Monday morning, we arose to some crappy weather. Apart from the chilled air and rain, there were 2 – 3 meter waves out on the lake. There would be no charter on this Victoria Day! Steve, myself, Jay Roy, Oren, Annie, Harold, and Nancy went out to the Brule Road Quarry, to mess around in the water anyway! Jenn E. and Sean F. came out shortly after as well. Steve, Jay, Oren and I buddied up, did our valve and S Drills, then tooled around the quarry. Steve brought his Gavin, so we all took turns messing around with it. We had an absolute blast!

Bottom Time ~ 62 minutes
Max. Depth ~ 25′
Water Temp. ~ 61/58 below thermocline
Vis. ~ a bit stinky

Here are a few pics!

Oren, Jay, and Steve…

Sean F. and Jenn E.

Oren, Jenn, Me, and Jay…

Steve and Oren…

Crappy weather, but a great weekend nonetheless!!



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