Skills And A Little Extra Toy…

29 05 2008

Thursday, May 29th, 2008 ~

After missing a Thursday at the quarry last week, Steve and I headed up to meet some people for a skillz dive! We met Leigh, Martin R., and Radu for some diving goodness. Leigh was also helping out Melissa, who is just starting out in a bp/w. This would also be the first night, checking out our new toy.

Steve, myself, Radu, and Martin dropped down, did a modified S drill, a modified valve drill, then went out to the plane. Here we did complete valve drills, and finning techniques.

We then dropped down near the sub, at about 55′, paired up, and did a timed ascent. My ascents are getting much better, to which I am very thankful… T1 is coming soon.. ack ack… We surfaced, discussed, and Leigh came out to join us. Leigh and I buddied up for a descent, with stops every ten feet, and Steve went with Radu and Martin. Leigh and I both dropped a little further than we had hoped, and I got a little vertigo, so we got our stuff back together, and gotterdun. We then did another timed ascent to the surface, which went well.

Now for the fun stuff!! We went over to the bridge, where we had tied off Steve’s scooter… and.. yes… the new addition to the family…

We brought it out so that we could balance it and make sure all was well! Leigh had Steve’s, and Steve took the new kid out for a play. I anxiously awaited my turn!!

Finally, I got to play too!!

w0000000000000t!!! What a blast!! It’s not quite balanced, and is a little negative, but we still had fun playing. Holy smokes that thing kicks!! Steve and Leigh did an OOA, with a scooter tow, and it was still burning up the water!

I also managed to get a pic of Martin!

Bottom Time ~ 53 minutes
Max. Depth ~ 55′
Water Temp. ~ 50ish something… I was having too much fun to notice…
Vis. ~ milky ~ 20’ish

Finally, a couple of poses with our new kid… Pardon the blurry…

Leigh and I.. should we call him the Godfather??



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