Back To The Rivaa ~ Centeen Park

12 04 2010

Sunday,  April 11th, 2010 ~

Today, we were going to attempt to do our channel run. Scootering out to the corner, hitting the bench, then dropping into the channel, amongst the periwinkle shells, and drift back up to the Gaskin. Eric B. joined Steve, Jay, and I, as his new Gavin is on order, and we thought we’d give him a taste!

Scooters ‘n’ bottles…
Scooters N Bottles

Today, I was bringing the camera again, but using the scooter mount. Clipping it off yesterday, was handy, but I cringed every time the dome port hit my stage bottle or back of my tanks.

We changed the plan, once we headed off, and descended into the channel before the bench. We also practiced towing along the way.

Once we got into the channel, there seemed to be enough ambient light to take pictures, but when I went to take them, everything seemed to come out black. So… oh well…. I took a few anyway, to see if I could add light to them later. They actually weren’t as bad as I thought, once I got them onto the screen.


Steve and Jay…

We played about in the channel, then gradually made our way back up. We ended up passing the Gaskin, and went further east, instead. We had a freighter pass by, overtop of us, which always sounds like the earth is shaking.

I found that having the camera mounted on top of the standard body is a pain in the butt. The weight of it pushes the nose down a bit, and while riding it, I have to pull up a bit, to keep it straight in the water column. It isn’t as bad on the 18ah, apart from making it a little bit heavy, as it is more centered. I also had to make a point of ascending a little bit, to make a gas switch, to keep the scooter and camera from hitting the bottom. It was still a very good learning day. Apart from the dome port hitting my stage bottle, I think I like the clip off method better, while using a longer bodied scooter.

When we came back in, we were surprised to see some kids playing in the water. It was sunny out, but yikes… it wasn’t that warm!

Bottom Time ~ 63 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 101′
Water Temp. ~ 41/42

Taking the gear out…

A passing freighter…

Ohh.. here comes another one. Will there be a new dive site?

It was close, but.. game on…

Oh, but here comes another one in its path, and it is being pushed by a tug boat…

They are close!

Crisis averted. Game on, once again…

We picked up our gear, and chatted about the goodness that was our dive.

Jay, Steve, and Eric…




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