Morrisburg ~

29 09 2008

Saturday, September 26th, 2008 ~


We packed up the van and headed down to Morrisburg. Francois was visiting us, and another friend joined us for diving goodness as well. We met at the Marina, then headed west to our preferred entry point. The current is always ripping here, so a scooter is a great tool, should you want to swim against it. We had just planned on doing some exploring, and head out towards the island to the South West. We had tried to reach this island before, but the current was just way too strong, even with the scooters. We took a bearing to the South, and hoped to come across it.


The boys before the dive…



Frankie, playing with his camera…



We dropped down and headed out.  We found various pieces of wreckage, an anchor, a rope that Kevin played flag pole with, and some pretty cool rock formations. The current did not disappoint… It was as strong as ever. Francois did get some footage, and during our drifting portion of the dive, the camera caught how fast we were flying with the current.


We were down for just under two hours, with a max. depth of 66′, water temperature was 67.



We headed out for some truck stop food, where I won a pretty funny looking stuffed animal…lol…


First Voyage To The Jodrey

29 09 2008

Sunday, September 21st, 2008 ~

Well… the day finally came… I had been a bubble watcher on many-a-trip to the mighty Roy A. Jodrey, and this time I was going too. A few friends came up from the US of A, and another few from our neck o’ the woods. The air was a bit nippy, and the sun was hiding, but we were happy to get out for a dive. The water was warmer than the air today! Water Temperature was 67, so it was still wet glove diving weather.

We let the big boyz jump in first, as they were going to have a longer run time than us, then 6 of us jumped in. There were three of us that were n00bs to the Jodrey, so we were going to go down together, drifting on to the wreck. We got down to 150′, and when I shone my light through the darkness, I could see this giant piece of wreck sticking out to greet me. We happened upon the crow’s nest, and the pilot house. What a truly awesome place to be. This giant hunk of ship, with metal absolutely everywhere. I can see why people say that it’s easy to get turned around on this wreck. It’s laying on an angle, against the wall, and is broken and twisted. A steel freighter, about 725′ long, and so much to see.

I was very wide eyed and in awe on this wreck, and the bottom time just seemed to fly by. I’m sure it will take me a few times on it, to really get a feel of where things are. We started the ascent, did our deco obligations, and upon surfacing, had to quote my new favourite line from Mer, with a cat that ate the canary grin on my face. ;o)

I am so looking forward to going back!!

Many thanks to Casey for lending Ralph that light… Holy smokes, it was the freakin’ sun!

Gear shot…Lol….

Gotta Love TheRiver

22 09 2008

Saturday, September 13th, 2008 ~

The river had been calling for us to go diving today, so we drove down to meet Jay for some scootering goodness. We geared up and got in the water. The plan was to go out for about 2 1/2 hours, with an average depth of about 40′, max. depth of about 100′.

We did our pre-dive checks, discussed our plan, and away we went. The visibility was a bit stinky at first, but as we headed out toward the channel, it cleared up quite a bit. We dropped down and headed toward the periwinkles.

We were on the trigger for about a half hour, and reached an area that we hadn’t been to before. We found a whole bunch of what appeared to be filing discs… we really have no idea why there would be so many of them, and why in the water? We saw pieces of wreckage that we had not seen before, and also what appeared to be a sleigh (Could this be the ellusive sleigh???). We saw an old tobacco tin, frieghter engine parts, tools, wreck beams, large amount of coal, big brass coupling, glass lantern, pottery, plates, coffee cups, interesting rock formations, and a couple of bicycles. We also crossed paths with a few big fish.

We made our way back, and did a bit of deco in the shallows.

An amazing dive!

Bottom Time ~ 141 minutes
Max. Depth ~ 109′
Water Temp. ~ 70
Vis. ~ Ok, then got better

Scooter Time!

15 09 2008

Sunday, August 31st, 2008 ~

Today, Steve and I actually slept in a bit, then headed over to Caiger’s, to meet up with Mer and a bunch of the North East Underwater Explorers, that we had met the day before. We went to grab some grub, then headed over to Centeen Park, where it was time for some scooter goodness! There were 6 of us with scooters, and 4 people that would be swimming to the wreck. We let them hitch a ride on the back, to the wreck, then bid them adieu, and went off into the channel.

What a blast!

There were loop de loops galore, and much playing amongst the periwinkle shells. We scootered and drifted, scootered and drifted. We drifted back over to the Gaskin for some more playing, then headed back in.

We played around in 20′ for a while, and watched our buddy, The Muffin Man ~ Chris Malinowski, free dive down to see us. We did catch it on film… There is definite videographic evidence!

I swear, I have a new favourite line…. When we surfaced, Mer shouted out, “That was the F’n’ S@$%!” ROFL…

I never get tired of taking people out on that dive.

Bottom Time ~ 96 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 89′
Water Temp. ~ 72
Vis. ~ 30′ – 60′

We exited the water, and headed over to Bud’s for laughter and grub. What an awesome group of people ~ I can’t wait until they come back!

The Day After…

30 08 2008

Saturday, August 30th, 2008 ~

After my Tech 1 class, all I wanted to do was sleep… but… we went diving instead. What better to do?

Myself, Steve, Joe, and Jen boarded a charter out of NTD, where we met Christine and Mark as well. They were up for some diving goodness from the North East Underwater Explorers, and were a blast to spend the day with.

The lake was flat as a pancake, which enabled us to head out to the Katie Eccles. w00 h00! I normally get pretty seasick, so I was quite happy that the waves had subsided for the day!

The Katie Eccles is a two masted schooner, sitting in about 105′ of water. An absolutely amazing wreck. Anyone wanting to do a wreck in Ktown, I recommend this one. The bowsprit is still intact, with chains hanging from it. Such a cool wreck to dive. There are even preserves sitting on the deck, just off of the mooring line.

Picture taken by Tom Rutledge…

kattie eccles by Tom_Rutledge.

Bottom Time ~ 36 mins.

Max. Depth ~ 104′

Water Temp. ~ 54 below thermocline, 68 above

Vis. ~ 50′

A couple of people requested a shallower dive for the second dive, to which none of us minded. We were happy enough to be in the water. We headed over to the Aloha and Effie Mae. Two wrecks in one, sitting in about 54 feet of water.

The Aloha was a wooden ship, carrying coal. There are pieces of wood just about everywhere, and a bunch of fun little swim throughs. A great playground! The Effie May was actually a dive boat that was scuttled here for something extra to see.

Effie May ~ Taken by Tom Rutledge…

Bottom Time ~ 42 mins.

Max. Depth ~ 54′

Water Temp. ~ 68

Vis. ~ 40′

When we came back in, we awaited a group coming back from the Jodrey, and cooked up a storm on the BBQ. Thanks to Matt for being such a great cook!

Hopefully I’ll have a lens for my new camera soon, and I’ll be able to post my own pics again!

A wonderful day on Lake Harold!